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Established 2013

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We run our company with honesty and integrity in all our relationships. We know that the excellent treatment of our drivers and staff transcends to you, our valued clients. We ensure safety by maintaining our equipment with ...  pride and expertise. 

We are dedicated to "Getting the Job Done" - from initial contact to final delivery.  

Edwards Trucking Solutions is a company that has a reputation of Excellence within the Freight Management Community. We did this by adhering to our vision of being a team with:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Accountability

Founder and owner, Jeff Edwards, developed a passion with trucks in 1993 at 16 years of age, as he accompanied a friend of his father's on the first of many long-haul trips. That same year, he obtained his DZ license and ... by 18, he was a fully licensed AZ driver.

In 2002, he met and married Monica, and they drove as a team for a full year until they started a family. Monica manages the office team for Edwards Trucking Solutions along with the challenge of being a full-time mom to their four children.

Jeff's vision was always to have his own trucking company. That dream came true in 2013 when he launched Edwards Trucking Solutions. The company has grown but has not lost its family-oriented roots. 


We know that to be different in the logistics industry that our administrative procedures have to be the best. Our success does not happen without our great drivers who are all experienced and competent....

We are life-long learners of the trucking industry and thus we are always innovating, implementing, and using best practices in the industry. 

We treat our drivers and our team right, and we know, in turn, they will treat you right.

We pride ourselves on a high level of safety going beyond the expectations of the law. 

We focus on the correct work-life balance so we can enjoy work, play, and time with our families. 

Edward​s' Trucking

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